20 June 2008

I was struck with a thought as I went to get my final cup of coffee of the day, at 3:30PM. Would I quit my job if they took away the coffee maker?

Frightening thought. The answer of course is no, but the intermittent cups of coffee throughout the day are quite the benefit. Sometimes I feel like I am working for the coffee, like an elephant for peanuts.

Hmmm. Peanut coffee?

No, never mind. Back to the drawing board.


Matt said...

Peanut butter and coffee is what you're looking for.

The real problem - should it be a spread or a drink?

matt said...

Oh, also...praise God that Gretchen is here! Congrats, dad!

Haven't been by the blog in a while...

Percussivity said...

What about a chunky peanut butter where instead of nuts you have coffee beans??

For myself I bring a thermos of Parisi coffee and that usually lasts me until lunch time, after which I use tooth picks to prop my eyelids open.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

I remember when I was 16 or so, we played paintball, and ate MREs at lunch. The leader, a Desert Storm vet, taught us how to make something good out of the leftover bits of an MRE:

Take the graham cracker, and spread it with the peanut butter. Sprinkle on this the sugar packet and the instant coffee crystals. Then take the M&M style candies and put them on top. The coffee peanut butter combination was pretty good actually.

I have a great Roman/Hitler salute picture of Gretchen. Will have to post that.

matt said...

Hey, Parisi. That's my uncle's company.

And Nic, you're a braver man than I. I would do nothing with a vet that might cause flashbacks.

"Hey man, what's with the knife? It's just a little paintb......"

Percussivity said...

Really? They do coffee good! A friend of mine works there.

Matt said...

Yup, they do a great job. The guy in charge of the roasting really knows what he's doing.