03 April 2008

So, we've been in the hospital since last Wednesday...one would assume such information might have made for a more interesting and relevant blog entry than random news articles and backwards Steve Miller lyrics, but one would be misjudging the nature of content in this haven of irrelevant jibberings.

So first, look at this sign:

The anti-barbeque prejudice is unmistakable. This sort of bias against slow cooking with woodsmoke is why I still insist our country has a long way to go towards healing the rifts that divide us as a nation. We need to preach tolerance! Free the smoke! We shall overcome!

But anyway, here is where I have been spending my nights:

Looks a bit uncomfortable, you say? Doesn't seem like a nice place to sleep? Well, have we got YOU fooled!!! You won't believe how this chair absolutely transforms into a luxurious one-person bed fit for a oriental monarch with a bad back. Skeptical? So was I, but feast your eyes on THIS:

Also I should draw your attention to the odd flying object at the upper right; my dear wife had received a stuffed sheep as a gift from a visiting family member and the thought infiltrated her fevered brain to seek to toss it onto the chair at the last moment in order to ruin the picture. But not fast enough! Muahahahaha!


Percussivity said...

NOT... the COMFY... CHAIR!!!!

matt said...

Monty Python...

There shall not be livestock in, on, or in the proximity of comfy chairs in the hospital! What is this society coming to if we can not have wool-strand-free chairs?

Praying for you and Debra.

Brandon said...

Eva and I are praying for you.