25 April 2008

Behold the missing zoo visit blog entry! Fresh from the archives, a bunch of photos from February I forgot to post.

First up, a black llama mugging for the camera.

I believe the one to the left here is a llama, and the furrier one on the right is an alpaca, but I'm not sure. The one on the left actually looks like a tauntaun.

Fallow deer, as per the norm, begging for handouts.

This pair of swans (sween?) was amusing, as they made a beeline for us, also I believe under the impression that we would feed them.

Closeup of the male swan.

Pair of Red Pandas sleeping:

I take no responsibility for what these kangaroos are doing. I think it's high time for Mama to kick the other "out of the pouch".

There are going to be several kangaroo pictures, so bear with me as I run out of good captions:


Walking this way would have to lead to back problems:

Ugly in an endearing way...

It being February, I think these kangaroos were particularly enjoying the warmth of the sun.

The normally overly shy wallabies were out:

They have a slightly more rodent-like appearance, compared to kangaroos.

Lastly, a couple shots of the sheep:

Uno mas...

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