12 October 2008

So, after much deliberation, I decided that the Pants were simply just too wonderful to keep to myself, and I have published some videos of their last reunion concert on YouTube. In the interest of the fragile egos of Dugald, Nigel, Angus, and Quentin, I have disabled comments and ratings for these videos. In chronological order:

Flashpants - The Immigrant Song, Just What I Needed
Bloody Vikings! Get a load of that costly fog. We had no synth player for the Cars song so we decided to approximate it with out of tune unison falsetto.

Flashpants - Back in Black, With or Without You
A bit of AC/DC jarringly juxtaposed with U2's classic ballad. I whipped out the EBow and delay pedal on that one. Although, a couple minutes into the video, one should note a certain head-banging head pastor of a prominent Midtown church.

Flashpants - Crazy Train
I cannot vouch for the family friendliness of this video, thanks to a certain old friend (and bandmate, incidentally) of mine who felt the need to demonstrate his stripper pants with altogether too much ease and finesse.

Flashpants - Panama, You Really Got Me
Van Halen, with a healthy dose of Pants flavour.


J B Paul said...

Hey, you moved around while playing. I know the MBT stage isn't as spacious as the Point one, but the new placement of musicians should afford you a little room to move about.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

As I explained to Unabashed the other day, me moving around or flailing about in the above videos is not a natural thing for me, but purely a comic mockery of the pretentious preening and prancing of the third tier guitar gods that we were sending up. I can do it as a joke, but me not moving around on Sunday mornings is not me "holding back" at all. That's just me, as I am...the silly strutting, prancing version in the above is no more me than my falsetto British python accent.

I do regret that we did not have the foresight to purchase glittery eyeshadow. That would have pushed it over the top.