17 December 2007

Debra and I just returned from a nice trip visiting her parents at their place in rural Morgan County, Missouri. Which of course means, the serenity of the idyllic snow-covered forest was somewhat put on hold as I took my new 10mm out for a range session.

  • The 10mm, despite its numerically impressive muzzle energy, wasn't as bad on the hand as I thought it might be. Recoil and muzzle flip were definitely there, but not unmanageable at all.
  • The firearm shoots low...either the front sight needs to be filed, or the rear sight needs to be raised.
  • The Tanfoglio Witness is a very ergonomic design, borrowed from the CZ-75. The grip and the overall feel is excellent.
  • The recoil springs are underpowered, resulting in the occasional "clunk" as the slide bottoms out on the frame. This must be rectified, possibly with a recoil buffer or replacement springs.
  • 10mm is expensive. I resisted the idea of a single-stage reloading press, but I may have to give the idea of reloading a second glance if I intend to shoot this with any frequency. The cheapest factory ammo is about 40 cents a round.
Well, work just got active again, so thus endeth blog post.

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