18 December 2007

Bonus Rant of the Day....

I just want to point out how poor Blogger's coding is. A post with zero comments is labeled "0 Comments". A post with three comments is naturally labeled "3 Comments". It would stand to reason that the geniuses of logical design at Blogger would be capable of putting a simple IF THEN ELSE statement in to ensure that a post with a single comment would be labeled "1 Comment", but no, a post with a solitary comment is nonsensically labeled "1 Comments".

Is it that hard?

// x = number of comments
if (x = 1)
cout << x << " Comment";
cout << x << " Comments";

Really basic stuff here. With as long as Blogger has been around it is baffling that such a piddly little design flaw has persevered.


matthewallenscott said...

Question. In the asian portion of the last dinner at your house, did you put cream in with the beef?

I made a simple dinner last night of beef with soy sauce and rooster (can't remember the real name) sauce, and while the rooster sauce made the beef amazingly good in and of itself, I'm open to experimentation with dairy.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

If only everyone preceded all inquiries with a Dwight-style one word "Question" sentence the world would be a better place.

But no, the secret ingredient, though it may have appeared to be so, was not dairy at all. Coconut milk! I didn't use a huge amount, but to get that kind of creamy, semi-sweet Thai curry flavour the coconut milk was essential. It's in my local grocery store in the condensed milk section (next to canned goat milk, strangely enough). Of course it is not actually milk or dairy, it is just a liquid product of squeezing coconut meat. If you can't find it in that section, check the ethnic foods section, and then if they still don't have it, check another store, or an Asian market. Not usually too hard to find.

I used about 2/3 of the can for the jasmine rice, with about 1/3 reserved to add to the stirfry. Obviously you can use more or less. I don't really measure for stirfries...I think that night I used a slug of soy sauce, plus a bit more left over from the meat marinade, a moderate amount of sriracha (the rooster sauce), a large dose of dried ginger, the aforementioned coconut milk, and a dose of the thick Kikkoman sauce unimaginatively titled "Stir Fry Sauce", which works as a good base or thickener to temper some of the stronger flavours above.

matthewallenscott said...

Now that you mention it, that is very Schrute of me. Dang, and now that I think about it, I do that a lot at work. Does that make me the Dwight of my office?

Here's something to try with the rice that Simon Hook does: put sesame oil and shredded coconut in while the rice and water heat to boiling. Makes for an interesting consistency with a nice nutty taste to it.

I'm definitely going to try the coconut milk now. It's interesting...I made my meal last night, and there was something vaguely familiar about it. We used most of the same ingredients...minus the ginger and coconut milk.

Great minds, right?

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Sesame oil is good, I've just recently started using it. I can see it adding a nice complexity to a basic white rice. Jasmine rice though is my new favourite, it has a very natural nuttiness to it already.

Although one of these days I intend to start sake production, in which case I will have an altogether different demand for rice.