07 November 2006

I am no theologian. I am not even what one could call a "student" of religion. With that said, thanks to Wikipedia, I learned about Quakerism (if that is a term) or the Religious Society of Friends. You can read about it too:


It focuses on non-denominationalism (which is kind of ironic in that it is essentially a denomination) and an absence of creed. It talks of an "inner light" guiding the individual, and there are a lot of parallels I seem to see with the Emerg[ent/ing] church movement. It is a strange and unexpected comparison for me, but perhaps a fair one. But the line that stuck out to me in the article was one that said the Quakers "thought of themselves as part of the restoration of the true Christian church after centuries of apostasy". From what I have read, nothing so succinctly seems to describe the Emergies as that. At least the Quakers had the humility to assert they were only "part" of the restoration!

All this isn't to pick on my Quaker homies or you extra-cool Emergie types. It is just to call attention to the words of Solomon...nothing new under the sun.

And in deference to the pacifism of the Quaker faith, I'll avoid telling y'all (yes, I appear to have gone Southern) about my new nifty magazine loader gadget that will make loading pistol mags a breeze, at least in this thread. Cheers all! Get down with your funky Quakin' selves!

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