27 October 2006

I can't help but post these...just a few verses from Fry's song "You, You, You". What sort of madness must take hold to inspire the shaming of frozen veins?

You, you, you, you
The you who do what none can do
The you that haunts my ears
On the shortlist of wasted rains
The avenue of chandeliers
That shames my frozen veins,
That shames my frozen veins.

You, yes, you, you, you
You who knows what once I knew
The you that spits my blood
And stares at both my clouds
You wear a sleeve of mud
Your cuffs become my shrouds,
Your cuffs become my shrouds.

You, yes, you, you, you
You the which why how and who
You crumple the skirts of need
In the belly of desire
Where my freshly planted seed
Can spin its tangled wire,
Can spin its tangled wire.

In other news, I am surrounded by my company's gooseneck cameras, all coiled in various positions, giving me a vague sensation of being surrounded by black metal snakes. The "other news" category is really being stretched today as you can see. Anybody else like their Mac mini? I do...have the little $599 wonderbox on my desk right now, tiny little thing. Of course, I don't like actually USING it so much as admiring its smallness. If you like Macs its a great little bargain, but I'm a Microsoft man. If you know how to handle Windows, its a powerful, stable, and safe operating system. Mac OS is more limited (to me), but has an out-of-the-box safety factor that makes it good for more casual computer users. That said, I'm not going to be touching Windows Vista for a long, long time. A totally unjustified upgrade. I can get a lot more mileage out of XP.

I've come this close to doing another paragraph on several entirely irrelevant and unimportant topics, but it isn't in me, I'm afraid. Thus endeth the worst blog entry ever!

Just....the parcel...of my dreams.


Matt said...

I'm sure if Lewis and Chesterton were hanging out in the early 90's, and one of them owned a television, then that would be the show they would watch.

Matt said...

Saturday at 7, Roasterie Cafe. We had a very good meeting last week, so I'm really looking forward to this week.

And yes, I just bought a trench coat this morning from the thrift store, bringing my Personal Defense to the next level.