14 November 2006

Just ordered a few boxes of Remington jacketed hollowpoint in .223 Rem. They're for my Kel-Tec PLR-16, previously featured on the blog...basically my Imperial-Stormtrooper-style AR pistol. I've been shooting it only with FMJ rounds...the round is said to have excellent performance in terminal ballistics even with FMJ spitzer ammo, due to yaw, tumbling, and fragmentation. However, with the PLR only having a 9" barrel, I am concerned that the muzzle velocity will be too insufficient to produce any of that in an FMJ round, therefore basically giving equivalent performance to the diminutive .22 rimfire rounds (LR and Mag). So I decided to get several boxes of JHP in .223, and perhaps I can do some expansion testing. I imagine with the velocities still imparted by the 9" barrel expansion should be fairly assured. It'd be an excellent small game/varmint hunting round. Coyotes, jackalopes, little green alien guys... Not that I know, really, but a guy I know who is into reloading and coyote hunting expressed interest in the PLR for that sort of thing.

Blast it, I've been writing tech support emails all day and the pads of my fingers are very sore. No matter, sounds like a good spot to end this blog entry.

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