06 October 2006

One downside to my fascination with the "Bit of Fry and Laurie" series is that only 2 of 4 of the seasons have been released on DVD, and I am left with naught but internet scripts for season 3 and 4. Neverthemind you less, for the clouds of night do but never such break the sun! It is but nary a small and incognificent thing, for to which has been sufficed most grandly with the present exemption of these the following sketches, with the which I present you to for your most endeavorsome enwritten enjoyment:

"A Word, Timothy" - nice little punchline, that...

"Milk Pot" - wanton, profligate silliness

Oh, and the episode of the Office that was on last night...fan-sodding-tastic. The fallout of Dwight's attempted coup had a dramatic inevitability and such a magnificent sense of ominous foreboding. He knows, Dwight (or is it "Dwigt"). He knows it was you. And it breaks his heart. The other side effect to that show is that now at work, I really want to play Call of Duty. Can I transfer to Stamford? I know what the difference between an MP40 and a 44 (assumedly the Stg. 44) is, unlike Jim. And I'd take the Sturmgewehr 44 over the MP40 any day. Huh-hoy.

Speaking of!!! What a magnificent transition. I've decided on two rounds, I believe. In .380 ACP for the Bersa, the Remington Golden Saber is said to have excellent reliability and is used widely among Bersa owners. For the Kel-Tec in 9mm Parabellum, I will probably go ahead and use Cor-Bon DPX. That is expensive stuff, about $1 per round, so it won't be for practice once I prove its reliability, but it is probably the best in that chambering. Excellent expansion, uses the Barnes X bullet. The expanded bullets look like little copper flowers, and if I recall correctly, can hit 3/4" after expanding, which is essentially .75 caliber. Although, hang on a minute...that may be the number for the .45 in DPX, so I'd expect the 9mm version to be more in the .50 to .65 range after expansion. Anyway, I'm feeling range deprived...need to get some more .380 to run through the Bersa. I won't trust it til I've run at least 200 rounds through it, and it runs malfunction free. Right now it is at 1 malfunction in 25 rounds, but it is still in the break-in period.

I cannot get Bertie Wooster's version of "47 Ginger Headed Sailors" out of my head. What a silly little song. "It's all the rage at the Drones at the moment".

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