20 February 2004

Wes Pruden has a scathing yet uproarious article online, it'd do you all well to read it. You've got to adore those French people! "The Little Stepsister of All Battles" indeed...

I find myself distancing from Our Dearest Bushie. His domestic spending is repugnant pandering, and either he is not what we thought he was, or he far too governed by ill-advised advisors. If the Lord spares him political ruin, maybe he will fear the electorate a little less next term, and right the injustices and wrongs he has committed this term. Down with the entitlements and wasteful spending! NASA, the military, and intelligence are about the only spending I approve of at the federal level right now...especially as my wife and I are hit with a $4000 tax bill. I don't want to work extra hard over the next few months so some pretentious postmodern artist-hack living in downtown New York gets his National Endowment for the Arts grant, to redecorate his bloody living room. I want this money to purchase napalm, cluster bombs, and landmines!

Ahh, the weekend. Almost here. Oh and disregard my invitation to post...I was unaware that Blogger did not allow such a thing. Heh...looks like you get to just shut-yer-face-and-listen.

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