23 February 2004

Curses. This bites...I remember my youthful dreams of graduating West Point, in hopes of eventually commanding a squadron of RAH-66 Comanches...Silent, Hovering Death.

Comanche Cancellation

Here's another thought for you. What is a hate crime? Comparing a "standard crime" to a "hate crime", the actions could potentially be identical (a murder, or a robbery, or an assault). However, if it is a hate crime, there is an additional element...what you think. Yes my friends, don't tell me there isn't Thought Crime in America. If the Government deems your thoughts criminal, you may be punished for them. Currently, the punishment is only enacted when a corresponding felony is committed along with the Thought Crime, but it does appear we are closer to an Orwellian state than we realise. Would to God we would think a little more in depth about such things. Hate crime legislation sounds pleasant, just, and fair...but do we realise how innately immoral it is to punish what simply are, for lack of more complex terminology, thoughts and opinions?

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