24 May 2010

Words like "fairness", "equality", and "diversity" are not the words springing to mind for most people when one talks about border fencing and immigration law enforcement, but I intend to make a brief case for them. Those in favor of stricter border policing are often accused of racism, xenophobia, paranoia, possibly bad personal hygiene, who knows what all. However, the reason I would support an enforced border fence is because I love the whole idea of America as a melting pot...unfettered and unregulated immigration from our southern border (or our northern border, should it come to that!) actually does a lot more to quench diversity in America. Nations all around the world have citizens eager to come to the US, and it is unfair to these citizens that they do not have the major advantage of living in a country sharing an unpoliced land border with the US. By securing the border and stopping the flow of unregulated immigration, the actual regulated immigration could likely be increased, allowing in a huge diversity of new immigrants from every country and culture in the world: Vietnamese, Bangaladeshi, Zambian, Albanian, Samoan, Portuguese, Korean, Moroccan, Uruguayan, Mongolian, Uzbek, et cetera. A spirit of fairness and equality would ensure that immigrants from these countries are given similar opportunity than those from Mexico.

Maybe my interest is purely selfish...I was disheartened to note that Kansas City, while its establishments of a tacolitic nature are nearly innumerable, has scant or no real Eastern European restaurants. So while I do like the idea of diverse immigration from a cultural integration level, I also selfishly want a larger variety of cultures to bring their cultures to Kansas City and start up restaurants. I love Mexican food as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is the FREETO BANDEETO!), but I also want to try authentic pirozhki sometime.


Percussivity said...

As a conservative American I am right with you and agree with everything you said... though as a Christian I see a field white already to harvest and honestly I am a bit split between which viewpoint I should focus on. The latter of course has more eternal importance but for practicality's sake I still see the importance of both... and for clarification I'm not so much talking about food options, but rather economic impact and national security.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Not sure I parse the religious aspect with regard to immigration policy, but then my parsing circuits are operating below their usual levels today.

My point was not so much to rally for any specific action, but to say that contrary to the stereotype, there doesn't have to be anything xenophobic or anti-immigration about someone advocating strictly enforced border security; on the other hand, there is a case to be made for something like a border fence that is couched entirely on fairness and diversity and that is 100% pro-immigration.