18 May 2010

I'm all hepped up and crunked out on diphenhydramine right now, so you'll have to excuse the flagging quality of today's post. I have an old Army survival field manual. I thought I'd share a couple pictures.

The first speaks (volumes!) for itself:

And the second:

Thank God our brave men of the US armed forces are equipped with inflating pants.


Percussivity said...

So on a low altitude drop you have what... 15 seconds at most? 5 seconds to realize your chute has failed... 2 seconds to stop panicing... 4 seconds to get your pants off... 10 seconds to tie the cuff[SPLAT!!!]

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

No, no, no, you've misinterpreted the picture. He's not dropping into the water, he's shooting up out of it! Methane is lighter than air, he filled his pants with methane using...organic processes which works to wrench him up out of the water and into the air. See, I have the actual manual which explains this all in the text.