07 September 2008

OK, here's some pics from dinner tonight...essentially a variation on the Philly cheesesteak.

Here are the ingredients prepped before I got the grill fired up. Two medium-quality steaks (nothing too fancy) slathered in extra virgin olive oil and then coated with coarse salt and cracked pepper, with a few other spices thrown in. One big red bell pepper, and 2 "Hatch" green chilies. The Hatch chilies, as I understand, are from a particular town in New Mexico, and while they come in many heat levels, I can tell you after the fact that these were mild ones, but very delicious. Also a yellow sweet onion, sliced into slabs, and then secured with two water-soaked toothpicks, so they could be easily maneuvered on the grill without falling apart.

Built a hot fire of charcoal and a handful of hickory and apple chunks. Grilled the steaks first, to what I would call medium to medium well (again, not exceptional steaks). Then on went the peppers and onions. I closed the lid several times to let the aromatic smoke seep into the meat and veg a bit, as well as keep the fire under control. I kept the onions mostly in the medium/cool parts of the grill, because I wanted to blister/burn the pepper skin, but just wanted to cook and caramelize the onions.

Here's everything back inside. As you see, I also grilled up a half dozen fresh peach halves...we needed to eat them before they started to go bad, and there was the fire, so it seemed like a worthy experiment. They were fantastic and were gone before I could even get everything ready for the sandwiches. Kind of like a very natural sort of fresh peach pie.

I peeled the burnt skins off the peppers, diced them up with the onions, and then thinly sliced the two steaks. All went into a skillet which I briefly cranked up over some heat again, to reheat everything and meld the flavors a bit.

Here it is assembled, with a mild provolone cheese on top. Good stuff. Served with a homebrewed blackcurrant cider.


The Unabashed Blogger said...

Yes, but how did it taste?

I think that a smoked Philly Cheese Steak would be a pretty tasty variation of the original. I only wonder what flavors are missed by the juice of the steaks not melding long enough with the veggies. But maybe the smoked flavor replaces that. I dunno, I didn't eat it...hint, hint.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

I wouldn't really call it "smoked" though, the small amount of wood smoke didn't permeate the food that much...but it was definately good. The green chilies were awesome.

Percussivity said...

Blimey! Why do I always read these posts long enough after breakfast but yet not near enough to lunchtime, right when I am starting to get hungry but really shouldn't bust out lunch lest I be starving by the time I get home????


The Unabashed Blogger said...

the law..is mine!

Debtoneufer said...

It was very tasty! I want it again! We'll (hehe, uh, Nic) will have to make for you sometime!

grk said...

you have a gift, my friend. I will say it again sometime.