02 September 2008

I give you...

Licht von der Welt

This first photo is a study in the tragic unpredictability of modern thought; sheer volatility expressed in a hot beverage and root vegetable medium. The coffee, representing (among at least a dozen other things) the universal theme of flawed nature entering into a higher state, burst forth from the encompassing bounds of potato in a vivid expression of new thought that I leave only for your own private interpretation.

But we are not done; art is never destroyed, it is merely reborn. Behold MASHFEINE:

Viewing from another angle highlights our need as a society to approach multi-faceted social problems from multiple angles. Words fail me! Such things should not be narrated, excuse me, simply look on and wonder...perhaps dream, as I have?

Lastly, the inevitable decay. Ashes to ashes, sculpture to mush on a plate.

Meanwhile, outside the rain was pounding down, with the sun shining through our tree's foliage. Watching the September rain beat down on the street illuminated by sunlight was rather interesting.


Percussivity said...

Pure Genius! This piece speaks to me deep within my bowels. I am seeing a complimentary piece called "fried perfectly normal beast fillet".

derek van neufeld said...

I was thinking about collecting all the widgets from our cans and melting/welding (welting?) it into one giant piece of plastic/rubber- and floating down the Mizzouri river! or perhaps making a giant widget for a giant keg for wedding parties... think about it.. open that sucker and oooof. who needs a dance floor when foam is covering everyone?