08 August 2008

Drudge has a link to a story regarding Hillary's continued shenanigans that he titled on his page "WHAT'S SHE UP TO?". Every time I've seen it I immediately think of Stephen Fry in "A Bit of Fry and Laurie", during the Peter and John sketches, particularly his dealings with the off-screen Marjorie, wondering "WHAT IS SHE AFTER?" for example.

It makes me think of Obama and his advisors...wouldn't it be great if his inner camp used "Marjorie" as a code word for Senator Clinton? Something sort of like this:

B: Dammit Michelle.
M: Barry?
B: Dammit four times round the car park and back in for another dammit.
M: Do I get the feeling that something's on your mind, Barry?
B: Come on, Michelle, you know what the hell I'm talking about.
M: At a guess I'd say that this had something to do with the DNC Enterprises takeover bid?
B: You know it's funny, Michelle. Four years. Four hard years I've put into building up this campaign. And now I'm supposed to stand by and let a bunch of wet-arsed college kids take it all away from me.
M: I know, Barry.
B: If only Hillary hadn't left us the way she did...
M: Hillary? Hell Barry, you can't go blaming yourself for that. You and Hillary had...
B: Had what, Michelle? A post-primary truce that was nothing more than a bad joke, and not even a very good one?
M: You made some mistakes, Barry, that's all. You and Hillary had different ideas about where the party was headed. End of story.
B: But dammit, Hillary was good, Michelle.
M: As an opponent, or as a vice president?
B: Is there a difference, Michelle?
M: I hope so, Barry.
B: And now, while we're up to our arses in a major takeover scrap, she's sunning herself in the South of France.
M: South of Wales actually, Barry.
B: Well, wherever the blue-rinsed hell she is. Oh what a damned fool I've been.
M: Barry, listen to me, this is no time for you to start feeling sorry for yourself.
B: But dammit every which way but one, Michelle...
M: Barry. Do something for me. Take a look out of this window.
B: What is this, Michelle? Some sort of game?
M: No game, Barry. Look out there and tell me what you see.
B: I see a parking lot.
M: Well that's funny, Barry. Because the last time you looked out of that window, you saw an idea. Don't you remember?
B: Yes. I remember.
M: I thought so.
B: I remember thinking that that would be the best place for the parking lot.
M: Dammit Barry, I'm talking about the big idea. The dream that you and I shared. The dream of an administration that would put South Chicago on the goddamned map once and for all.
B: Yeah, well maybe...
M: Maybe? Maybe? I don't believe I'm hearing this. What the hell's happened to the old Barry?
B: Michelle I...
M: Don't Michelle I me! We've got that close. And you're going to lie down and just walk away?
B: Michelle, don't harassle me. I'm tired.
M: Tired be damned!
B: A man's got to know when he's licked, Michelle. And I know the feeling. I've been licked before.
M: The Lord's Saints preserve us.
B: Did I ever tell you about the time Hillary licked me? Licked me good and proper? Well I've got the same feeling now, Michelle, and it's sore. Maybe it's time to move on.
M: Barry. I'm going to tell you what I see out of this window.
B: Is this another of your games, Michelle?
M: Same game, Barry. Different rules. (Looking out) I see Tom and Sally and Debbie...
B: I thought Sally was off with the flu...
M: Exactly, Barry! Exactly! But she's come in today because she believes in you! God knows why! She believes in what you're trying to do here in Washington. And you're going to just turn your back on those kids? You're going to walk away from...dammit, I make no apology, a vision?
B: Dammit Michelle, maybe you're right.
M: You're damn right maybe I'm right.
B: Damn, double damn, and an extra pint of damn for the weekend.
M: Daaaaamn!
B: Right, Michelle.
M: Damn?
B: Get a fax over to Rezko. Extraordinary General Meeting, 3.00p.m. today. Call Howard Dean, and see if we can pull Pelosi in from...where the hell is Pelosi?
M: Havana.
B: And get Reid in here. We've got an agenda to work up.
M: Welcome back to the fight, Barry. Sorry if I was a little rough on you back there.
B: Hell, Michelle, I deserved it. I was acting like a damned amateur.
M: And if Hillary calls...?
B: If Hillary calls...(Pause) Tell her I'm busy.


A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

Hillaryous and true to the Fry & Laurie form.

A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

PS. Unlike the spade vs. spayed comment - I intended this misspelling:)

derek van neufeld said...

Hmmyess. Jazzoo? Sounds interesting. We'll talk more under one condition that I've been thinking about for awhile anyways...

It's been irrationally too long for me to have not yet had any St. Crispin's. And I will be seeing you sunday........... hinthint.. hint.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Hint RECEIVED Mister 21-Year-Old!