11 May 2007

I am spoiled bloody rotten.

Seriously, I am. Outpourings of benevolent generosity from familial relations on the occasion of my at-long-last graduation have been greatly appreciated, and if you, gentle reader, are one of said familial relations let me apologise for the unforgivable tardiness of a forthcoming note to you of thanks and appreciation.

If you've been following my blog of late, you will have no doubt what I just blew most of this money on.

First off, after a year of waiting, and after 9 months being on a waiting list, I finally purchased the new Kel-Tec PF-9. The handgun of choice for midgets, hobbits, and leprechauns. Now, I know the P3-AT is smaller, but this is a full-power 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, not the lighter, smaller .380 ACP. I tell you, this is a tiny, tiny pistol. I've got four boxes of ammunition to feed it tomorrow, as my wife (who has taken a keen liking to the dimunitive PF-9) and I venture down to sunny Morgan County, Missouri to visit her parents on a "Guncation".

And next week, once I acquire my second transfer permit from the illustrious and inimitable Sheriff of Jackson County, I'll be back up to Denny's Guns in NKC to pick up a P3-AT, the supremely tiny pocket pistol from Kel-Tec.

And that's not all! I have ordered a 1940s British Lee Enfield SMLE No4Mk1 bolt action military surplus rifle, in .303 British. I'm praying for a nice shiny bore with crisp rifling, and I have a Bushnell 3-9x 40mm variable power scope to mount on it, for some accurate target shooting. I've wanted a No4 for a long time, to round out my Enfield collection (or rather to start it, as I only have one other Enfield, a No1MkIII), so this gives me a chance to 1.) get a good scoped rifle for target practice 2.) own another Enfield because they are so dang cool and 3.) have another milsurp project that will no doubt leave me covered in cosmolene and Hoppes No9.

I've blown my quota for one gun a year wide, wide open. Two (three if you include a gift) last year, and four this year (Saiga 12-gauge, PF-9, P3-AT, Enfield No4). I'm going to slow down, because if I keep acquiring guns I both will not have space to store them, and will not be able to afford to feed them all ammo.

Yep, this is as deep as I'm going in this post. You know, the kind of intellectually stimulating drivel you all know, love, and expect. Cheers all!

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