12 March 2007

My proposed new Mac vs. PC advert:

[In walk a middle-aged businessman in a shirt and tie and a sloppily dressed "creative-type"]

Businessman: I'm a PC...

Creative-Type: and I'm a Mac. [broad, simpleton grin]

PC: Well, Mac, how was your day?

Mac: Oh, PC, it was so cool! I made a collage in iPhoto!

PC: Aw, that's really good, there Mac! Very...abstract.

Mac: It's an elephant. With wings!

PC: I see!

Mac: It would have been more fun if you had been here, PC.

PC: I'm sorry, Mac, I was at work. Someone has to pay the bills you know...how about I help you with your colouring books tonight?

Mac: Wow, terrific! And maybe I can help you with your...umm...netbook...defibrilation?

PC: You mean network administration? Sure thing buddy. I'll even let you do the ping requests!

Mac: [claps excitedly] PING! PING! PING!

PC: Great job buddy! Now let's go get that colouring book. You get started, I'll go do some management of the company CRM infrastructure.

Mac: [walking off to find his crayons] PING! PING! PING!

1 comment:

Matt said...

That is hilarious...and completely true. I also noticed the British "colouring" vs. the American "coloring". Classy.

No, no internship. This is the real 40+ hours a week benefits travel for work 401(k) deal. Thus the level of anxiety.