28 February 2007

This is a caption from a silly article on global warming:
"At a protest near the U.S. embassy in London in November 2006 asking world leaders to act urgently to cap global warming at 2oC or less."
OK, does anyone else consider this as ludicrous as I do? Asking politicians to act to set a cap on global warming at no more than 2 degrees Centigrade? What are they going to do, pass a law? The Earth then is contractually bound to keep it global warming below that "cap"? Otherwise, I tell you what, we'll sue the Earth's pants off. We passed a LAW! Suck on that, Sitwell!

I know what they are saying. Act now, sign Kyoto, install a catalytic converter on Al Gore's mouth, and somehow magically that will cap the warming to 2 degrees. I get it. But it is so, so dumb. Why are these silly sods so wrapped up in the belief that government will save them? I mean, even taking all the religious tenets of the Church of Warmingism for granted, still, the idea that some law, even adherence to that law, will "cap" warming is silly.

Moving on!

I just outted myself as a firearms enthusiast (we prefer that to the pejorative "gun legume") to a University English writing class...well, perhaps I didn't come out and say as much, but when a guy starts answering technical questions posed by the professor ("who invented the AK-47?"), and starts nitpicking technical details central to his argument that the AK-47 is evil whereas somehow bolt-action rifles are good, you're marked. Oh well! Let them dismiss the shooting sports, leaves more ammunition for me!

Not to delve into the delights of analyzing hippie Christian movements, but sometimes, upon reflecting on the vast waves of postmodern horsedump relentlessly pounding away at the shores of reason, I can understand the sentiment behind Cartman's prayer to the Sea People:

"Only three more hours, sea people. Only three more hours and you can take me away from this crappy goddamn planet full of hippies."


Matt Scott said...

It appears that the other blog is in total breakdown, so I moved out. (See link below)

Have you read the articles that talk about the rotation of the sun possibly being responsible for climate change? Mind you, all the hubbub about damaging the earth is based on 150 years max. of meteorological data. So the fact is...we don't really know since there's oh, a few thousand years of data to consider that's never existed.

Matt said...

Yes, well, I have cut down my hours at the library to Saturdays only, in anticipation of saying sayonara very soon. It's all coming together, all the pressure, pushing, pushing, to form in the crucible of UMKC what will be an example of excellence in engineering.