26 June 2006

Just watched an interesting show, courtesy Netflix...season one of Mr. Show, from way back in 1995. Very silly (and rather profane) show, but it has its funny moments. David Cross is one of the funniest men alive though I'd venture to say he is funnier as Tobias Fuenke. The show is shockingly derivative of Monty Python's Flying Circus (I say shockingly because I had no idea such a show could snare a modern audience) but I don't slight them on that since I rather like Python.

I'm experimenting with Danish cooking now. Perhaps inspired from my many trips to Solvang, California (sort of a touristy "Little Denmark"...I highly recommend the trip, nonetheless).

My last blog entry bemoaned the confusion surrounding caliber dimensions. Reading up on the 357 Sig cartridge I found out that no, 9mm does not equal a .38 caliber, more like a .355 caliber. Why then is .380 ACP called 9mm Kurz? Is .380 ACP really .355 ACP? .40SW equals approximately 10mm, I can accept that...but this 9mm range of calibers from 357 Mag to 38 Special to 9mm Parabellum, I'm quite confused on. Is there a single, actual .38 cartridge out there? Do I care? Sadly, yes. I do. It's the Schrute in me. "The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies." Sorry for the Dwight quote, I couldn't help myself.

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