02 June 2006

Ahoy there...

Barely managed to drag meself into work this morning...spent all last night (from 4:30, directly after work, til about 11:00) brewing a mild ale so I'm a bit tired...brewing is a relatively active hobby. For the uninitiated a mild ale is an old English style that resembles a brown ale in its emphasis on dark malts instead of hops, but with a light body and a very small alcohol content. I'm going to bottle this in the smaller 12oz bottles so I can perhaps have a bottle at mealtime when I'd prefer to minimize the consumption of alcohol. I suppose this belongs on my brew log, not my main blog, right?

I've been having some fun with an Airsoft pistol. It's a Beretta 92 clone. All I can say is, man, why didn't they have stuff like this when I was a kid? But it's nice to be able to sit on the couch and fire across the room into my cardboard target trap (making reasonably small groupings, I might add) while watching TV. Cheaper and easier than going to the range, although I of course recognize we're talking apples and oranges.

I watched the NBC Office marathon last night, which is a great show if not on the atmospheric level of the UK version. I think everyone is supposed to think of themselves as Jim and Pam, the normal, fun characters. What's funny is that my wife and I end up sharing a comic assortment of some of the MILDER qualities of another "couple" on the show, that of Dwight and Angela. No I have never dressed up as a Sith Lord before you jump to conclusions. But seriously, I built model tanks as a kid, I can discuss small arms tactics with confidence and interest, and I am a stickler for abiding by rules...in general. Am I Dwight Schrute? Perhaps. QUESTION: what is the point of this post anyway?

Behold the mighty Schrute Space:


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