20 June 2005

Some time has passed since I've posted. Alas, such is one of the side-effects to being married to a beautiful, intelligent woman. After I've watched John McCain preen his feathers on Sunday morning talk shows, I don't have to come to this black-and-white pit of funky despair to vent my thoughts on the subject. Somehow the blogworld seems less populated by married men. It's not that men get dumber after the wedding bells chime, or that single men are typically more intelligent to begin with (and probably don't end clauses with a preposition), it's just that married men a.) don't have the time to vent online and/or b.) don't feel the need with their better half in the next room. I just try to keep it up as a means to keep myself writing, even if it is irrelevant crap.

Listening to an artifact of my musical past...various recordings from me old band, Erasing Adam. Fun stuff, a bit immature and "stiff" especially in parts of the lyrics, but it was a good experience on the whole. I'm not sure if this is arrogant or humble, as its a bit confusing...but I think sometimes I had the idea that I've improved so much since then, and I have, but listening to the record, some of my basslines caught me off-guard, being somewhat inventive, and, well, downright cool. So in a roundabout sense it was humbling. Still don't follow and think I'm an arrogant S.O.B.? Yeah, you're probably right, sorry. I just lacked a certain "funky sais quoi" as the French would say. Also I stuck a bit too much to certain formulas...sometimes I wished I'd try counterpoint a bit more, choppy rhythms, using the 5th as a bedrock note instead of the root for a bit of tension. But hey, it was a fun hobby at the time. Don't have much time for music anymore outside of church gigs.

I'm selling my Mercury Capri hardtop. Auction ends tomorrow morning. Search for it on eBay, more power to you. This will fund a new hobby of mine that might someday have commercial prospects. We'll see!

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