27 June 2005

I'm back!

It's a Welsh night at the Neufeld household...two specialties of Wales for dinner, Welsh Rarebit (Caws Pobi) and Welsh Leek Soup. Both quite tasty, although I shall lessen the dry mustard in the cheese sauce for the rarebit next time. A bit too zesty for my taste. Since you probably don't know and don't care, rarebit is toasted bread ladled with a cheese sauce made of Cheddar, butter, flour, mustard, Worcestershire, and ale. The leek soup, well, quite unique! Never had a leek before, but it was interesting to try. Quite tasty, something I'll be making again, especially in winter. Saturday I made Cottage Pie, Sunday I made Cornish Pasties, and tomorrow I'm making Bangers and Mash. Yes, I've converted to Anglicism it seems. George Orwell's "In Defence of English Cooking" had quite an influence on my swelling Anglophilia and so I am resolved to master traditional English cuisine and introduce friends and family to it. YES that means YOU bwahahahahahahaha.

I'm enjoying this leek soup quite a bit. Delicious stuff.

I have some free time, I feel like I ought to be playing/writing music instead of surfing the net. Or studyi...never mind.

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