01 February 2005

Title Line of a Post for which I Have Not Yet Selected a Topic

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Not much going on, other than a fierce battle being waged in my inner being to defeat the last vestiges of an invading horde of bacteria and/or viral warriors, that had laid waste to my immune system Sunday and Monday.

We bought a DVD set of the first season of "Arrested Development". I had always thought the show to be amusingly madcap show that warranted a tune-in every Sunday night, but now, viewing it sequentially over a weekend, it is probably the best new show to come out since the debut of South Park, in my grandiose opinion. Brilliance, my friends, sheer brilliance. The writing is great, the acting is hilarious...the characters are all perfect.

Buy the DVD. It's worth it to take in the storyline sequentially, and although it is ridiculously premature, this looks like one of those great shows we'll look back on.

Enough of this commercialized flatulence. Go home. That's what I'm about to do.

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