14 February 2005

I've been thinking of countless things to regurgitate here on this dank, dreary corner of the outer fringes of the Blogiverse, but none are coming to mind right now when I actually have some time to spew them out. So I'll make it a random thought post:

Broadband is quite impressive. I've been enjoying playing Battlefield Vietnam with actual live opponents, makes it much more interesting, and difficult. I'm relatively quite a poor player, but its still much fun. Choppers in particular....the air cav!

I was struck by Wesley Pruden's article "The Big Hand for a Few Real Heroes". Very moving and well put. I'm also a bit moved by the fact that I am the son of a veteran and the grandson of two veterans, one of which, serving in the Army Air Corps, was a B17 waist gunner on bombing runs over Europe. Pretty hairy I would imagine. It's enough of a trick to keep one of those in the air anyway, much less when being shot at...

Kudos to Andrew Castro for his UMKC election victory. A brilliant upset and a great effort. You had my vote.

My Rickenbacker is a wonderful sounding bass. Even running into the run-of-the-mill Ampeg solidstate amp at church, it sounded like thunderous voice of God, or at least, as much as a bass guitar can sound like the aforementioned voice of God. Aggressive, biting, full, dynamic, assertive. Ooowee baby you set my soul on fire.

Man, I can't even populate a simple random thoughts post, how pathetic.

Well, today is Valentine's Day...the fourth such day that has ever had any meaning for me. Sure, its a trite little shallow holiday in general that is basically a marketing tool for florists, but hey, its nice to take a day to celebrate special relationships. To the unhitched or otherwise unspoken for, so sorry. Maybe next year, or the next, or the next. Who knows, don't rush it. But I have no intention of bludgeoning the single among us with dating/relationship advice.


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