04 January 2005

Time for an update...although I daresay I am not riled up with some new policy travesty or political ramblings. Perhaps I'll just offer up a tepid regurgitation of some of the mild events/ponderings of late...

Well, maybe not even that. Initial dubious reports of Zarqawi's capture elicited a bit of cynical optimism on my part, but its too early to say and the US is denying such reports. It'd be nice to bag him...although I can already anticipate the ACLU suing for his release from Guantanamo.

The Belgians continue to fascinate me with their brewing prowess...its practically alchemy. New Year's Eve was toasted with a very impressive Chimay Grande Reserve. Though my allegiance still lies with the traditional English styles. I ought to form a tasting club...as if my Pretense-O-Meter wasn't already flying off the charts! Bally roger, cabbage crates coming over the briney, and dropped his can in the Bertie. No more RAF banter, sorry. I should jolly well say so, old fruit.

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