14 January 2005

OK...it's time to vent, my friends.

The "band" known as Jet (no, not the magazine for my friends of the pigmented persuasion) is not so much a band as a collage of blatant classic rock ripoffs. I would say they are masters in the art of ripoffery, but to be honest there is nothing masterful about what they do...it's painfully obvious. No subtlety, no "paying homage", it's pure imitation. Perhaps what gets my proverbial goat is that I hear them on the snot-nosed "alternative" station that prides itself on having only the freshest, newest music...and they have a healthy amount of spite for the rockers of the 70s. And yet they play this band that up until now I have basically considered to be an AC/DC cover band with a smarmy nowhere-near-Bon-Scott-or-Brian-Johnson-or-even-Elmo vocalist.

And today I hear this song...it isn't enough that they've aped AC/DC without shame, they have to offer up a mimickry of the Beatles. "Look What You've Done" was a nice sounding song at first...and my awareness of its Beatles-ness grew slowly. I could list all the musical similarities (it is shameful how many Beatles "sounds" are in there) but the worst part is the lyrics:

"Look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone" - Jet

"Sexy Sadie, what have you done, you made a fool of everyone" - Beatles

There comes a point when homage is no longer being paid and it's just nauseatingly bad plagiarism. Excuse me while I go barf out me breakfast...I must cleanse my ears with The White Album.

Oh, and don't get me wrong. I understand they are probably zealous fans of such music (imitation = sincerest flattery). I'd love to do likewise and probably would. I suppose I'm more annoyed by the music stations and fans who parade their pretentiousness around, considering themselves superior to the dinosaurs of "classic rock", and then play Jet like it's some new music or something. Look at the bandname even...McCartney? Wings? "And Jet, You know I thought you was a little lady suffragette!"

Rant over.


Jet (the band, not the Wings hit) is pathetic, but I empathize and understand.

96.5 the Buzz and many (not all) of its listeners are pretentious self-important sods and musical ignorati.

AC/DC is a lot cooler than I once gave them credit.

The Beatles, now and forever, rule.

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Anonymous said...

and I hear radiohead references also... who I think in the songwriting area is prolly the only modern band who is worthy of being compared in relation to the beatles. very original stuff.. radiohead.. but er... the reference is from Black Star and you can hear it in the 1st verse of that Jet bit.
anyhow, I have xanga... no blogger for me! -_-