08 November 2012

From Sys-Admin to DBA

With the acceptance of a new position as a DBA at a new company, I shall be bidding adieu to systems administration in a couple weeks and focusing primarily on my beloved SQL Server. Goodbye, sysadminning, I hardly knew ye...or rather, I knew every bloody inch of ye, from yer head to the blistering pustules on yer arse, as they say. Still, my experience of the past 10 years has been broad and will continue to be quite useful I am sure, so I'm thankful for my time as "the server monkey".

My transition from small business "accidental DBA" to enterprise DBA will be fraught of course with many lessons, an absolute minimum of them, let's hope, through trial and error, and those few firmly residing in test environments, not production. But I'm keen to get started; time now to do that happy, laborious task of documenting everything out here for my departure.

The PASS Summit is well underway in Seattle at present; hopefully I'll manage to get out there next year. "Summer camp for DBAs", indeed!

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