19 June 2012

Well, I admit it is sheer, unadulterated obstinance that has me back here to update my blog. I'm fully aware that blogs, unless specialized in some sort of topic that generates general interest, are a dying medium, particular the personal blog which has been slowly starved out by the convenience of the MyFacePlusbook or whatever that other website is...

Nonetheless, archaic/outdated/unpopular things have always kept my interest and a certain conservative impulse to say "up your nose with a fish hook" (or however that expression goes) to the march of progress probably helps goad me to start blogging here more. I would say "in spite" of the utter lack of readership, but almost more "because", there is something liberating about being able to write babble with no concern that it need be of interest to others, necessarily. On with the prattle!!

My last post intimated the dawning of a new hobby, as I put it, with the acquisition of a sitar. "Hobby" might have been an underestimation of what has actually transpired over the past year and a half; I've become somewhat enthralled by (one might say, quite literally, in thrall to) Hindustani music. To understand Indian music, particular its treatment and systems of melody, will give one a window to all kinds of music and make appreciation and understanding of any culture's music a bit deeper. At least, such was the case with me.

Sure enough, starting to write something like this is the surest path to writer's ruddy block. Ah well, it isn't as if my paying customers expect great things from this blog. So that's it from me for now, will start adding to it as I see fit, most likely (knowing my interests of late) on occasional topics of SQL Server or Hindustani classical music.

Splunge, for me, too!

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