14 June 2009

Nathan Watts has earned another fan. I love the very slight bit of warm, fuzzy grit to his tone...not the hi-fi, ultra-modern tones most R&B bassists nowadays go for. But it's that pulsing, incendiary line he grooves on that propels this tune to the point that a 10min running length doesn't feel quite sufficient:

Stevie Wonder - Do I Do

Should be more palatable to those for whom Bootsy presents massive, catastrophic phunk-overload. Get down wit' yo funky selves.



The Angry Coder said...

As a friend, I want you to know tha I did indeed read your post. As a friend, I'm sure you'll understand that I did not listen. Friendship is great!

Percussivity said...

Good stuff! You are going to have a fantastic time at the show.