06 April 2009

So I guess I need to post lest this blog go completely stale.

Talking with my younger brother yesterday, I recalled a guitar of his that ended up getting stolen, a cheap Telecaster copy, in which I had installed a set of pickups designed by Bill Lawrence (the L-280TN and L-290TL, I believe), and I rather liked that guitar. Humfree with tons of chirpy high-end and clarity. Bill Lawrence is a wizard of pickupology.

And also, he's not the worst guitarist in the world, either.

[Sits around, looks at watch, and waits for EZ Wajcman to comment on the thread accusing me of libel...]

Yes, only recovering guitar gear nerds such as I will follow that...

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Percussivity said...

I love old jazz guitar (what I sometimes call Beverly Hillbilies jazz... listen to the little cut scene riffs from any Hillbillies show). Ever heard of Joe Pass?