12 November 2007

With apologies to Israel Houghton:

I am a friend of the zoo!
I am a friend of the zoo!
I am a friend of the zoo!
They call me friend!

If you know that song, and I just got my edited version implanted into your brain (where it will repeatedly resound for the next 12-16 hours), I am sorry. If you don't know to which song I am referring, do yourself a favour, let it go, don't go looking it up.

But anyway, we are now friends of the zoo, which means we've spent the last two weekends at the Kansas City Zoo. It's our form of exercise; we get a lot of walking in, and now instead of it costing $20 a visit for both of us, it is $50 per year (actually the term is about a year and a half). It beats a health club subscription, in my opinion. Heck of a lot more entertaining. The animals seem more active in cooler weather; the African Wild Dogs were having a domestic squabble last week. They look kind of strange, and you'd think they'd almost make a good breed to own until they start fighting; they don't so much bark or howl, as scream. Although, that might make a great home watchdog. Instead of the all-too-familiar bark, intruders would be warned by a high pitch banshee screech, like the Devil himself coming for your soul. Woowee! Of course, as my wife duly pointed out, they would eat our cat. I suppose that is a deal breaker.

The meerkats are pathetic little beggars. I think someone has been feeding them.

All in all we've got a pretty decent zoo in Kansas City, and I find that I enjoy simple things, like a zoo, more than I might have several years earlier. Doesn't hurt that we get exercise in at the same time.

And lastly, received my Tanfoglio Witness 10mm Compact this weekend. Rather elegant lines reminiscent of the CZ-75 family, excellent craftsmanship, great fit and finish. And it fits the hand just right; 10mm may be heavy on the recoil but this feels like it has enough ergonomics to help you deal with it. Nice trigger, not too touchy or too heavy, balanced just right. I'm going to get some ammo straight away and get this thing out to the range.


Matt said...

Never these two hobbies should mix.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Indeed! The use of copper-coated lead, propelled out of brass enclosures through a steel tube by expanding gasses caused by the incineration of nitrocellulose-based powders, is much too dangerous a hobby to attempt with the mental, physical, and sensory capacities dulled with the effects of orally consumed ethanol. One's entire and unmitigated mental faculties should be on hand and by no means under the table to observe the Four Golden Laws of Firearms Safety.

Matt said...

I was referring to shooting the animals at the zoo...ethanol?

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Ahh, that would explain it. My presumption was that you were referring to that other great money-pit errr I mean hobby of mine, homebrewing.

But your point is well taken. Big game hunting is quite prohibited within the confines of the Kansas City Zoo (and if I was shooting God's Furriest and Fluffiest, I wouldn't be a Friend of the Zoo, now would I?). Although I will admit, there is a nice little gondola overlooking one of the ponds in the Africa area, and past the pond is a section with (as I recall) kudu and zebra, and it would be a great spot to set up a big-bore single shot rifle. I'm wondering if I could get a large enough charcoal grill to fit a kudu...

But in all seriousness, the animals are safe with me. I'm not a hunter (not least because I have no desire to do the necessary gutting, cleaning, and skinning involved...I prefer to let others do that while I pick up shrink wrapped cuts of meat from HyVee).

あじ said...

What if I did look it up? This is all your fault! My poor ears.