03 October 2007

News Update!

Liberal and Conservative Secession Movements Meeting Together

This is an interesting article, and it plainly exemplifies the virtues of federalism. It is somewhat sad that the US government has drifted so far away beyond the 10th Amendment. The Constitution was set up in such a fashion that these movements should not be necessary. When the federal government limits itself and allows the states to decide more things for themselves, more people will be happy with the laws of their region, because different regions have different cultural values, in general. Let Massachusetts introduce Pointed Stick Control laws and legalize gay-triple-underage-interspecies marriages for all I care. If that is what the people want, more power to them. Likewise, let Alabama allow its citizens to own 105mm howitzers on their front lawns if the people choose to allow this.

But anyway, if our federal government hadn't decided to dump a gallon of Wite-Out on the 10th Amendment of the Constitution over the past century or two, we wouldn't be having these problems now, because Vermont could be a socialist hippie paradise and Tennessee a low-regulation individual liberty sort of establishment, and everyone's happy...those that aren't can move to another state. Certainly beats "American Civil War II" where BOTH Dixie and the Yankees secede.

[mercifully puts this somewhat uninspired topic to rest]

Well, we're about off on a trip through a number of free states to one of those aforementioned socialist hippie paradises...we are driving to CA on Saturday. So no blogging for a week or two. Not that I have been...

In-N-Out, I am coming.

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