07 June 2007


Edwin R. Hall, 26, from Olathe, KS

Hats off to the police for catching this sorry bugger so quickly. We'll see if federal charges ensue.


Matt said...

No, to be honest I don't roast much for myself anymore. Call it laziness. Actually, school just got so busy that last year that I lost any time that would have had to do it in. And now I've just never picked back up on it.

Oh, and even I think this is ridiculous, but the Roasterie bought some GREEN coffee at the rate of $130 per pound. I was told that that works out to about $20-$25 a cup brewed at the cafe if they just try to break even. That is insanity.

And yes, I have the 747 also. How do you know where your stapler was made, anyway?

matthew said...

Methinks they did. Mine was hecho en Mexico.

What an abominably long day.

At Borders they have an Office Space collection you can get for around $15. It includes a Lumbergh mug, a "Jump to Conclusions" mat, and TPS report covers.