25 September 2006

It's Range Report time!

Took only three to Lake City on Saturday. I put only about 20 rounds through my Kel-Tec PLR-16, basically just to get it "close" to being sighted in. It is closer to POA (point of aim) but nothing precise, really. I emptied several clips of .22LR from my Ruger...always a fun little plinker. And lastly I put the Bersa .380 through its paces. One failure to feed in 50 rounds...gouged a hole in the bullet face. I assume that is what happened as opposed to the gouge being there already and causing the stoppage, but I don't know. I'll have to pick the brains of the online gun gurus on that, as well as tear the gun down for a thorough cleaning. Recoil isn't bad...between firing the massive PLR and the light, almost recoil-less Ruger, I found it somewhere in the middle. More recoil obviously than the 22 but nothing like the thunderous blast of the PLR, which I may remind the audience is essentially an AR-15 chopped down to a pistol, albeit with a superior short-stroke piston for the gas operation, instead of direct impingement. So, like an AR-15, with one of the better aspects of the AK-47 thrown in. But all in all, I think I much prefer shooting down at the lake, with the inlaws. More informal, and much better suited for pistol shooting. Do you know how disheartening it is trying to shoot at a 6" target from the minimum distance of SIXTY feet with a short-barreled concealment pistol? 7 to 15 yards (21-45 feet) are much better ranges for pistol shooting, especially in a tactical training context. Lake City is more of a "come and hone your deer hunting skills" sort of place...crack out the scoped rifles, but pistols are kind of worthless.

In other news, I am too tired to write about other news. To quote from my favourite silly show of the moment, "Three pints of damnation and a chaser of hellblast, John!"

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