31 July 2006

To all those who have left comments on here...

Ummm, yeah. I didn't realize I had comment verification turned on or something, so I had 7 comments, spanning six months (yeah, this is a high traffic blog) that didn't get published. I was not being unresponsive if I neglected to respond to these comments...just unaware that they existed, and all that. Thanks to my wife for pointing out the obvious.

Josh...the Gervais show is a podcast, downloadable (or at least it used to be, you may have to pay for it now) at www.rickygervais.com.

Matt, thanks for the MacDonald link, and no, the commie libs at UMKC didn't put anything in my yard, presumably because they are aware of my intense appreciation of diversity: .303, .38, .45, .223, etc. Muahahaha. Also thanks for the offer of loaning Orthodoxy...I'm immersed in library books regarding English cooking and restaurant planning right now so don't worry about getting it to me right away, but it is something I'd love to read.


Matt said...

So the restaurant is a real thing? Well cheers then! I'd love to have a taste of Britain here in Kansas City. And if you'd like to whet your appetite for the Apostle of Common Sense, here's a link:


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

The restaurant is as real as the money people give me to start it. So...not real yet. But we shall see. We've been scouting locations, and I try to try a new Brit recipe every week. This week its Cider Pie, which was a great excuse to pick up a 4-pack of Strongbow cider. Not the best, but better than Hornsbys and Woodchuck, in my opinion. I haven't gotten up the courage to try Steak and Kidney Pie yet, though...I'm thinking I've already got a half-dozen meat pies so I can leave that one alone. Organ meat just never sounded appealing to me.