02 February 2006

OK, a lot of things have been going on, but one minor detail of the whole situation that strikes me as incredibly ironic...

First up is my recent article arguing for the confirmation of Sam Alito in the UMKC student newspaper (just some crap I threw together, nothing great or original):

Examining the Merits of Alito

Then, I find out yesterday that Alito made national headlines on his first day by breaking with Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas, voting to extend the stay of execution for Michael Taylor. The whole situation seems surreal, hitting national news, not something I am used to, personally, but I'm a newcomer to the family. If you (anyone?) think of it, pray for the Harrisons.

CNN article on the case

But yeah, that's it. I'm sure I'll be back to the same old useless patter and silliness you've grown to know and love in the next post.


Matt said...

I truly enjoyed the "methinks" you threw in. And I was glad to see they didn't put devil horns on the conservative's picture. Good article, good points, of course. A refreshing change from the usual in that latter pages of our fair publication.

Matt said...

Have the UMKC greens contacted you in response to your article? Or maybe they put numerous US troop offending signs in your front yard?