09 September 2005

You know what...if I wanted to I could write on and on about the hurricane aftermath, about the "lessons to be learned" and the rubbish to be refuted spewing out of the mouths of many of the politically-motivated punditry, but I don't really want to. I don't need to...most Americans can agree on the following:

* A hurricane is no one's fault, unless you factor God into the equation. And as far as dishing out blame, that's between you and Him, if you must.

* There were problems in the relief effort and evacuation.

* When you live in between a lake that is HIGHER than you and a gulf that is constantly ravaged by hurricanes, you should be prepared for flooding.

* America as a whole is pouring an enormous amount of money and effort into saving people.

That's it...no need to argue. Oorah for the troops down there making it all happen. It's hard not to bring up Nagin and Blanco, but now is not the time.

St. Crispin's is taking off. Critical reception to the initial products has been quite pleasant, with many more on the way. I've even thought of starting a seperate blog to log details and progress. I'd write more, but must get back to work.

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