06 May 2005

"An Entire Menagerie Called Abdul."

Can't get enough Python. I'm a comedy junkie, admittedly. I've scoffed at most film dramas I've laboured through, with some most notable exceptions (various Shakespeare histories, "Breaker Morant", and others), and in general, if a movie isn't trying to make me laugh, I'll find some way to laugh at it anyway. Much to the chagrin of my wife if she happens to like the film a lot.

"Half a bee...philisophically...must ipso facto half not be..."

But yes, Fish License still makes me laugh inside, without fail, even just thinking about it. Why? I don't know. Something about silliness or insanity (and I mean that in a literal sense, like mental disease insanity) portrayed with abject sobriety is so maniacally funny.

I've planted a quartet of blackcurrant seedlings (Ribes Negrum) in my backyard. Strange you say? Yes. Yes it is.

My hand is already shooting with pain. I've got to stop typing, and get back to work, eh?

Altogether now!

"I like Chinese....I like Chinese...I like their tiny little treeeees"

Don't ask.

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