29 March 2005

Hats Off to the Reverend Jackson

While I am normally quite keen on ridiculing, lambasting, and criticizing the liberal and generally odious Reverend Je$$e Jack$on (hehehehe), today he made me step back and give him some credit.

The irony that the desperate, death-hungry Leftists try to spin this issue as entirely political...while no Democrat senator voted against a measure to save her life, and dozens of Democrats in the House voted for the bill, and Jesse Jackson himself is on the scene, for whatever motivation. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, that he is simply a man of his convictions, who will stand up for what he believes is right despite pressure contrariwise. No matter if I normally agree with his convictions! I respect him a bit more today. I'm still dubious as to his motivation (he has always struck me as a gluttonous addict of media attention), but given the benefit of the doubt, he has shown himself to be rather courageous today.

I still can't type about the issue. I'm too frustrated by it and too overcome with things to say. And my hands hurt like heck. That's what I get for being a writer, a computer hobbyist, an IT worker, a guitarist, AND a keyboardist. My destiny is carpal tunnel, without a doubt.

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